Flash Poll Results: Andrew Yang Wins Climate Town Hall Marathon

andrew yang wins fpp climate poll

Andrew Yang was the overwhelming winner of our Climate Town Hall Marathon Flash Poll. Of the 14,164 respondents, 9237 voted for Andrew Yang. Bernie Sanders finished a distance second with 4304 votes. No other candidate came close.

Final results:

climate town hall flash poll results

Yang’s performance was clearly well-received, and based on some of the comments on our poll, he converted a few voters too. Despite a strong performance, Yang’s climate plan receives a C+ from Greenpeace, an organization working to promote solutions to climate change. Many point out that the relatively low grade stems from Yang’s support for nuclear energy, which Greenpeace calls “dirty, dangerous and expensive.” Yang also slipped up when he said that the Green New Deal would ban commercial air travel, a lie being spread primarily by right-wing media outlets.

Yang started out as a marginal candidate running a campaign to promote universal basic income. However, his support is increasing. He’s jumped to sixth place in the polls and easily qualified for the September Democratic debate.

For a full summary of Yang’s night, check out CNN’s summary of the Climate Town Hall marathon.

Thank you to everyone who made our first flash poll a huge success! More than 14,000 votes in just 12 hours is an incredible response. We’ll work out some minor technical issues and come back with more flash polls in the near future.


  1. Great job #YANG2020.COM Thank you for your forward thinking agenda, my great niece will be happy she will be able to see a bright future

    • You need to correct your article. He didn’t slip up at all. He simply stated the timelines and timing would require steps that would include banning air travel. He clearly stated he would look at timelines and timing in order to more reasonably implement actions.

  2. Did you guys not watch the Town Hall before writing this summary? The comment about him saying the green new deal would ban air travel is a flat out lie.

    Do a better job and research this on your own, don’t just link to some idiot with an agenda on Twitter as if that is proof.

  3. Interpret it how you will, Yang’s quote directly from the town hall was “the timeline that they put out there would do away with commercial air travel and a lot of other things in a particular time frame”. So he does not say it would ban it, and anti-yangers are interpreting it as him saying the same thing as a ban, and pro-yangers are arguing that he’s referring to it being made obsolete by other methods of transportation.

  4. I have no clue What CNN has against Kamala Harris,it’s amazing. It’s ok you did the exact same thing to Obama in Oct of 2007 she clearly connected with people and had the best real plan. It wasn’t even close CNN is the only thing Trump is right about. You guys cover who you like. Biden Warren and Sanders can not beat Trump. All 70 years olds in the top 3 for Democrats find a way to lose.

  5. yang clearly had the best performance. he should be given more time and coverage in the media as well. the only thing that stops him from taking this election by storm is name recognition and exposure.

  6. Greenpeace is not a group working to promote solutions to climate change. They are an eco-terrorist group with a fuzzy vision of how “capitalism” is the enemy and use their green virtue signaling to promote the Bolshevism of the extremist left, just like Sanders and AOC and the rest of the “progressive” loonies in Congress.

  7. Well, he said that the GND “timeline” would end up effectively ending commercial air travel. It seems like a matter of opinion whether or not the timeline is realistic.

    Either way, he was the best one there for sure

    • Oh yea and as far as that Greenpeace rating goes, part of their grading is “how well does this candidate implement a ‘green new deal’?”

      They might as well cut to the chase and say “how well does this candidate implement Bernie’s plan?”

  8. Thanks for posting this! By the way, he didn’t use the word “ban” on the air travel issue, and he did say he is strongly aligned with the Green New Deal.

  9. I watched then all and clearly Yang did not win this one. Warren and Sanders were the clear winners. Yang talked like a business man and I really want impressed. Both Warren and Sanders spoke with compassion and were very knowledgeable.

    • Hi Sharyne,
      Love Sanders, But Warren can’t even provide a straight answer on Carbon Tax, and had to be asked at least twice, she quickly refused to provide an answer, and pivoted away. But, to her credit, she is a very well seasoned politician that can make people believe that they heard certain things that the audience wants to hear. And, most experts in the field of climate change science agrees that we need a stop gap technology, such as nuclear for us to reach the target that we need to be in, immediately. However, she refused to make our world a cleaner place because her mind is still stuck in the, god knows when 1970s in terms of technology? The key is whether these career politicians knows the technology, or if they prefer to hide and pretend, and just charm their audience with “compassion” like a loving grandma.

  10. Yang didn’t say the GND would ban air travel. He said that in order to combat climate change in the time frame that the GND outlines, unrealistic lifestyle changes like re reduced air travel would be necessary.

  11. OMG, get your facts straight please! He did NOT say the GND will ban air travel. Here is what he said:

    YANG: I love the vision of the Green New Deal.

    The framers of it have done us all a great service by energizing so many people around a vision. And, to me, the only issue I have with the Green New Deal is the timing of the timeline.

    I mean, they are right that we need to take urgent action, but the timeline that they have put out there would do away with commercial air travel and a lot of other things in a particular time frame, that, if we have a little bit more time, we can head in the same direction and achieve most of the same value.

  12. The Media is not giving Andrew Yang enough time. Andrew Yang is a perfect test case to determine if it is possible in America for the best in the land to step forward in times of need and become President. He is not a politician, he is a renown problem solver stepping forward because he needs to. As President Andrew Yang will end poverty in America and make the $0 tax paying Trillion dollar companies pay for it.

  13. Nuclear energy is the most reliable energy source. All sources of energy have drawbacks even wind and solar. The only downside to nuclear energy is disposal of nuclear waste. Nuclear energy has a bad rap due to the simpsons where it is depicted negatively.

  14. Who ran this poll; the Ying-Yang Club. Total propaganda from the Yangers! Actually, Pete Buttigieg did a much better job in not only outlining the issue but offering solutions for a position of morals!

  15. I dont know why people keep saying the green new deal wont end air travel. It’s not a lie. The timeline in which the emissions controls would be put in place do not allow time for any commercial airline to adjust and meet requirements. They would quite literally have to ground their entire fleets of aircraft. Yang wants to extend the timeline and allow the airlines to adjust and invest in tech that can meet the requirements.

  16. Yang got 9200 votes out of a possible 14,000 respondents. Bernie came in with 4200 votes. No one else came in better than 300 votes. The results are evidence of the true passion and knowledge these candidates have about Climate Change. And its sooo obvious that the candidate that has the most knowledge and solutions to Climate Change problems is YANG! No kidding since Climate Change is #2 on Yangs platform. Let’s give the young, dynamic, knowledgeable & solutions driven candidate a try.

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