Karofsky Victorious In Wisconsin Despite GOP Voter Suppression

Karofsky Victorious In Wisconsin Despite GOP Voter Suppression

Decision Desk HQ is projecting Judge Jill Karofsky (D) will win the Wisconsin State Supreme Court election. Karofsky will replace Republican Judge Daniel Kelly, the incumbent candidate.

The victory was a surprise to some, as the Wisconsin Republican Party and the Republican National Committee fought hard to suppress the vote. Despite risks posed by COVID-19, the state went ahead with in-person voting. Numerous polling locations were closed due to a shortage of poll workers, particularly in urban areas of Wisconsin. The GOP also successfully appealed to the Supreme Court to block extended absentee voting.

The race was called with approximately 53% of precincts reporting. Karofsky had nearly a 50,000 vote lead.

Democrats may now be positioned to take a majority on the state’s highest court by 2023, when conservative Chief Justice Pat Roggensack is up for reelection. Conservatives still hold a 4–3 majority despite Karofsky’s victory.

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