Flash Poll: Who Won The Third Democratic Primary Debate?

flash poll who won third democratic debate

Ten candidates took the stage as ABC and Univision hosted the third Democratic primary debate. It was the first time the top tier candidates all shared the same debate stage.

Joe Biden currently leads in national polling, but Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are starting to catch up.

The polls have closed! Check out our post-debate analysis for more details. Here’s are the final results:

third debate flash poll results


    • Bernie Sanders

      The most honest & qualified!
      Outshines everyone even though they ignore him & try to break him down. BERNiE has nothing to hide. He honest to goodness cares about humanity & the planet!

  1. Bernie won this debate hands down. NO extended over the time filibustering BS from Bernie. Media is pumping Warren the Fauxgressive owned by Wall Street, Biden and Amy. Bernie killed it.

  2. Andrew Yang won the debate because he actually had solutions to the problems. The rest of the candidates didn’t actually answer the questions. They didn’t have a PLAN on how they are going to fix the issue. We the people want to hear a plan on how you plan to fix the issues that are going on today. Andrew Yang is more transparent and actually tells us how he plans to fix the issues.

  3. Was thinking it wasn’t Bernie’s best showing, then saw how kind he was to Biden twice; when Biden didn’t understand Castro,when Biden was interrupted by protestors. Bernie is such a genuinely good person – and so he wins! (Mr. President)

  4. Bernie-We must have experience, passion, intelligence, and must be fearless! Taking on the Banks,pharmacy, oil, all othe corps will be the task of all time!! Bernie has the broadest shoulders and the energy to fight tooth and nail. I think he has had this planned for 30 years. He knows what to do when they call At 3:00AM.

  5. I’m a Berner and not changing. abc did all they could to mitigate Bernie, I don’t think he had the opportunity to shine. I did like Castro calling our cujo (creepy uncle joe) cujo needs to change his words or say he misspoke. kopmala did almost decently well……but I would NEVER vote for that slaver. klobuchar made points but I don’t agree with her and so did booker, pharma’s hooker.
    Didn’t hear a single thing to make me want to change my mind about any of them and I’m still a Berner!

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