Iowa: Sanders Supporters Skip Wing Ding Sign Wars, Canvass Instead

bernie sanders supporters skip sign wars canvass instead

August 9 was Iowa’s annual Democratic Wing Ding, a Democratic fundraising event where supporters of every candidate gather and show their enthusiasm. But while most attendees held signs and chanted different phrases, Bernie Sanders volunteers took a different approach.

The Sanders area was shockingly empty during the Wing Ding. That’s because his supporters and volunteers were out canvassing in Clear Lake, Iowa. Here’s a look at the area reserved for Sanders supporters for the “sign wars”:

sanders wing ding sign wars

Michael Fasullo, a Sanders organizer in Iowa, said that the campaign was off knocking on doors and trying to win over voters. They claim to have knocked on every Democratic door in Clear Lake, Iowa, a city of nearly 8,000 and the site of the Wing Ding.

Even as the sign wars ended, Sanders supporters continued to organize and canvass.

As the Wing Ding came to a close, Bernie Sanders held a special “volunteer appreciation” event for those who came to show their support.

This isn’t the first time the Sanders campaign took an unorthodox approach to a major Iowa event. Sanders led a march comprised of supporters and McDonald’s workers to the Iowa Hall of Fame Event in June. The workers were demanding a $15 minimum wage and a union.

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  1. Why should the Bernie crowd waste their time getting into a sign war when it was clear and noted at the debate CNN found it necessary to block them anyway. Going door to door to talk about Bernie and what a fantastic candidate he is and how he should be our next President… that is what is useful to the campaign.

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