Nevada Democratic Caucus Polls [2020]

Nevada Democratic Caucus Polls [2020]

The Nevada Democratic caucuses will take place on February 22, 2020. 36 pledged delegates will be divided among candidates who receive at least 15% of the vote. Additionally, Nevada has 12 superdelegates who can cast their vote during the second round of voting at the Democratic National Convention.

Below is an aggregate of all 2020 Nevada caucus polls conducted over the past 31 days. Click on the name of the pollster to see the full results of each poll.

July 15 – August 15Average27.522.517.510.56.5
August 2–6Change Research262223107
July 1–27Morning Consult292312116

Nevada Polling Analysis

It’s difficult to analyze the current state of the Nevada caucus due to the lack of polling data. However, the trends in Nevada are similar to the trends of other early states: Biden is leading, but Sanders and Warren are close behind.

If the caucus were held tomorrow, Biden, Sanders, and Warren would all win approximately 12 pledged delegates.

Perhaps the most interesting trend to watch is whether or not Kamala Harris can gain traction in the Silver State. Despite being a Senator from a neighboring state, Harris has yet to reach the top tier in Nevada polling. Harris has seen a fairly substantial drop in her polling numbers since the second round of Democratic primary debates.

One sign of optimism for the Harris campaign is the fact that she has received more endorsements from prominent politicians in Nevada than Sanders, though she is still well behind Biden and Warren in that regard.

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