Bernie Sanders Raises $1.1 Million Following Democratic Debate

bernie sanders raises 1.1 million

Multiple sources in the Sanders campaign confirmed today that their campaign raised $1.1 million from 70,000 donors since yesterday.

There is no doubt that these numbers are a result of a very strong debate performance as well as the viral moment of the night — “I wrote the damn bill.”

The Sanders campaign seized the opportunity to fundraise on this statement and quickly released a new sticker.

Multiple online polls showed that Sanders was the overwhelming winner of the first debate.

Sanders only raised $18 million in Q2, slightly behind Warren, Buttigieg, and Biden. The impressive $1.1 million haul over the past 24 hours is approximately 6% of that figure, indicating that Sanders may rebound with a strong Q3.

Other candidates have not released post-debate fundraising numbers yet.

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