7 Post Debate Polls Show One Clear Winner: Bernie Sanders

7 Post Debate Polls Show One Clear Winner: Bernie Sanders

Seven online polls released following the July 30 Democratic debate showed the same result: Bernie Sanders won, while Elizabeth Warren, Marianne Williamson, and Pete Buttigieg all had great nights.

Heavy’s poll found that more than 40% of voters believed Bernie Sanders won the first debate.

heavy poll results

A poll posted by the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Laborer Party found that 53% of respondents thought Bernie Sanders had the best night.

DFL post debate poll

A poll of Daily Kos users found that 58% of the more than 22,000 respondents thought that Bernie Sanders had the best night.

daily kos post debate poll

A poll published by the conservative Washington Examiner found that more than 40% of respondents believed Sanders had the best performance.

examiner post debate poll

A straw poll of r/politics, the largest political forum on Reddit, users found that more 46% of respondents believed Sanders had the best debate performance.

r politics post debate poll

The results of the nj.com straw poll were similar — of the more than 10,000 respondents, more than half thought Sanders won the first debate.

nj post debate poll

The Crooks And Liars straw poll of more than 7,000 respondents found that more than 55% though Sanders won the debate.

crooks post debate straw poll

Additionally, Sanders had one of the best moments of the night when he told Tim Ryan that he “wrote the damn bill” in reference to Medicare For All.

This moment quickly went viral and gave the Sanders campaign an opportunity to raise a lot of money quickly by offering a sticker to anyone who made a contribution.

Other Debate Night Winners

Bernie Sanders wasn’t the only winner, however. Elizabeth Warren had a great performance. One debate coach even gave her an A+.

The Massachusetts Senator delivered what was arguably the best line of the night in response to John Delaney:

This exchange was the most tweeted about moment of the night.

Another winner was Marianne Williamson, who led all candidates in total numbers of Google searches.

Who do you think won the Democratic Primary Debate? Leave a comment below and let me know!


  1. Bernie has owned every debate, including those he did not participate in. He and the issues he champions are overwhelmingly supported be the people. So everyone else is either parroting Bernie or attempting to make the case that everything if fine the way it is. Those representing the latter have no chance of defeating Trump. Including the Comcast Candidate, Joe Biden.

    • Bernie #IWroteTheDamnBill Sanders slayed them all. No talking head on corporate owned media can sway people away. People are sick & tired of being sick & broke! We want #MedicareForAll! Only Bernie has shown consistency, honesty and integrity. Everyone else has flip flopped and side with corporate GREED!

  2. https://old.reddit.com/r/WeAreNotAsking/comments/ckjsi1/7_post_debate_polls_show_one_clear_winner_bernie/?

    Bernie won! And he’s on fire right now too. He’s dropping some zingers here and there while still keeping that consistent, laser focus on the majority of American people struggling and what policy can best improve things for them.

    Bernie already has offices beginning to open in key States, and a ton of supporters never really gave up after 2016. The plan back then was to amplify the good and fuel the movement running for POTUS in 2016 started! Issue campaigns, his books, and other activities kept people engaged and waiting for the next actions.

    Well, here we are and it’s amazing!

    Here is what I know:

    Bernie is effectivly doing the job of POTUS. He’s leading a growing body of committed people to a better, brighter future for all Americans.

    He has a base of power in all of us, small money, people powered politics that stands apart from and ready to reform big money, corrupt government.

    The other candidates have nothing on Bernie Sanders, who has taken the national dialog back to the basic issues, and is now well positioned to lead as he should have in 2016.

    Let’s get this right. Join the movement. Change the world!

  3. Sanders really was amazing in the debate, especially the line everyone is re-tweeting. “Of course I know what’s in it, I wrote the damn bill!”

    Williamson is not a serious candidate, but that’s not to say she didn’t have a really good night. Her grasp of the current economic and political disaster in the US is quite good. Despite her dismal polling, she’s moved to my #2 choice. I know people will say, ‘If you like progressives, why not Warren?’ But I don’t trust Warren. She flips around a lot. She’s only said she’s a progressive since 2017, before that she was a Corporate Democrat, and before 1997, she was a Republican.

  4. Bernie is the only option, he always has been. Looks like corporate America, their puppet politicians and of course the corporate propaganda ministry (mainstream media) haven’t learned at thing. We will not support a corporate thug as our candidate…PERIOD!

  5. The Mainstream Media wants “anybody but Bernie”, but the people want him badly. I wonder how low they will go to smear and sabotage him. Fortunately, most people know MSM cares only about their doners, and not one bit about us. I don’t know what they think their money will buy them when we no longer have a planet. Everyone else needs to get out of the race, so we don’t have the super delegates picking our candidate for us. We will lose, and we will die — because that is what four or more years of Trump will do. Our planet cannot afford denying the medicine it needs to recover (solar and whatever else scientists can share with us). Healthcare for the people and the planet. Let’s fight for what is right.

  6. Bernie Sanders without question.
    In fact Bernie won both nights , out of 5+ hours of debate between both nights at least 3+ hours was discussing Bernie Sanders policies and corporate tools trying hard to glom onto his coattails.

  7. Bernie is the clear winner not only of the debates, but in the hearts and souls of a country suffering from corporate greed causing despair among the masses. #BernieWillWin

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