Utah Democratic Party Chairman To Bernie Sanders: “F*** a pile of rocks”

Utah Democratic Party Chairman To Bernie Sanders F*** a pile of rocks
Image source: AFP

Vince Olson, the Chair of Kane County Democratic Party in Utah, is under fire for posting a series of expletive-filled tweets directed at Bernie Sanders. Olson has since locked his Twitter account, making it difficult to see if he has posted any other derogatory comments about Sanders.

The first tweet is dated on May 15, 2018. Olson said, “Seriously . Bernie Sanders can fuck off .” Around this time, Sanders had reintroduced the Workplace Democracy Act, a bill that would make it easier for workers to join a union, outlaw union-busting tactics, and abolish right-to-work laws.

bernie can f off

On February 19, 2019, Sanders announced he was running for President again. A week later, Olson said that he wouldn’t vote for Sanders if he’s the nominee. Sanders was the first Democrat to sign Indivisible’s unity pledge, promising to rally behind whoever won the Democratic nomination.

i wont vote for bernie if nominee

On various other occasions, Olson has simply stated, “Fuck Bernie Sanders” and “Bernie Sanders can FUCK OFF.”

f bernie sanders

Olson is still listed Kane County Party Chairman on the official website of the Utah Democratic Party.

Olson has not returned a request for comment.


  1. Mr. Olson needs to shut his mouth. He’s making Utah look really bad. Get him out of there. He not only has a filthy mouth but his attitude is very degrading. You go Bernie, Olson isn’t worth your time.

  2. Wow I am not surprised, but I would think that instead of asking Bernie how he is going to handle strangers on the internet we should be asking Tom Perez how he is going to reign in this guy??

  3. Sanders was the first Democrat to sign Indivisible’s unity pledge, promising to rally behind whoever won the Democratic nomination. So in other words he had to sell his soul if he does’t get the nomination. Bernie should have said Fuck the DNC and ran as a Independent after the screw job he got 4 yrs ago from the DNC. He’s got the numbers !!!

  4. this is complete crap how dare we want a living wage and good medical, college without debt. Sure lets continue the rob the last of the working people blind. I am horrified by anyone who tells us how to vote and does not back working Americans

  5. Vince Olson needs to be removed from his position as party chairman of Kane County, Utah. He is a disgrace to the Democratic Party. I wonder if he kisses his mother with that mouth. 😠


  7. He has no business being the Chair of anything….he needs to be fired! He is NOT impartial, and should have resigned his post. The Citizens of this great country do not need his attitude, language, or demeanor of this hateful person.

  8. Time to eliminate these fucking pieces of shit. Cowards with tiny little dicks. Bernie is the man. I would die for him.

  9. Totally unacceptable of Vince Olson…and totally unacceptable of the Democratic party to allow him to remain in his position, or any position in the party! Apparently, Utah Democrats are ok with this behavior. 🤷‍♀️ Don’t-ever-slander-Bernie-supporters-of not-supporting party-unity-ever-again!!! Go f*** a pile of rocks Utah!

  10. And they call us ‘berniebros’. We are responding to vile insults like this and they only show our response. Yes this makes some of US mad. The corruption in the Democratic party structure may not be redeemable. They may have to go the way of the Wigg party.

  11. This is why Bernie supporters are angry. This is why I a long time registered Democrat will only vote for Bernie. If the dem party continues to do everything in it’s power to disk franchise him they will lose many supporters and have four more years of Trump. Get behind your front runner and play fair this election is yours to win or lose.

  12. First, He is an IDIOT. Second, Is he really a DEMOCRAT, maybe he is a REPUBLICAN PROVOCATEUR who too wants to create CHAOS among the TRULY DEMOCRATS.

  13. Mr. Olson,

    Did you know?

    Bernie Sanders is the ONLY REPUBLICAN IN THE 2020 presidential race! Bernie is an Eisenhower Republican. IKE was the LAST REAL REPUBLICAN!

    But, what about Trump? Isn’t ‘The Duck’ a Republican? No, Donald is not a Republican. He is a clone of Mussolini, a true Fascist!

    This means that Bernie is all alone, squarely in the middle of both Democrats and Republicans. Bernie is the only one who can work with both parties. The traditional Democrats and traditional “Republicans” are both funded by special interests, who wish to maintain their profit structures in healthcare, prison management, the military industrial complex, education, energy, and a host of other endeavors.

    Bernie is the Eisenhower we need to lead us from this political abyss.

    If you Google the Republican Party planks for 1952 & 1956, they read like Bernie Sanders 2016 campaign. This shows just how far the Right has fallen. Today’s Republicans have become Hitler’s ‘brown-shirt’ Fascists! Ike was the last real Republican.

    Vote for Ike…I mean Bernie! An Eisenhower Republican lifestyle is the best. In the 1950s, a man working for minimum wage, 7 days/wk./365 days/yr. could support a family of 4, with his wife at home. When was the last time this was possible? Raise the minimum wage now!

    #MedicareForAll is an Eisenhower Republican style insurance program. It is a “fiscally conservative” low-cost approach to solving our enormous healthcare crisis. It is the equivalent of Ike’s Interstate Highway System.

    A Koch Brothers funded study proves that #MedicareForAll saves $2 trillion over our present system, during the 1st 10 years. Some studies show a saving of $5 trillion. It is not free; everyone pays a little, so that everyone can get fixed.

    It is way past time to move forward on this issue and make healthcare available to over half the population who cannot afford today’s private insurance system.

  14. Vince Olson should not belong to any party chair, councilman, city, state, or Federal position with remarks such as he has made over the course of three years. Why is he holding any position at this time? Remove him. Those words are far more typical of Trump’s followers. Somehow, this nation has to rise above name-calling and learn to engage in respectful conversations and realize and understand that everyone is entitled to an opinion that may differ from our own, but it needs to be done in a respectful manner. Vince Olson’s derogatory remarks of slander decrease the chance that educated people will ever listen to his side of any debate. He certainly should Not hold any public office.

  15. I’ve had Dem party chairs flat out troll and insult Sanders supporters, openly and without a hint of shame. When Sanders says the establishment doesn’t like him, he’s not exaggerating.

  16. I’m a big Bernie fan… But why is this important? The Tweets you show are from over a year or more ago. Did he (Olson) do something more recently? I understand that most ot the DNC establishment is against Bernie, because if Bernie gets in he will do away with their livelihood, which is taking big money from the oligarchy and corruption… We need to fix that, more then the small minded foul mouths idiots. Olson is just the poster boy for what is wrong with the DNC, idiots that don’t want change to help those who are not rich and bribing them.

  17. Very disappointed in both the dismissiveness and the obscene hostility. Not what one would expect in someone charged with administering “the will of the people,”.

  18. Bloomberg is an Oligarch and does not care about the people,healthcare,environment or his own morales. He is just another greedy republican nazi tyrant.

  19. Don’t know anybody in the Democrat party in Nevada. Don’t want to know Anybody in Nevada. Let me say this. I’m in Indiana. The last time we had a problem like this. It was because a prominent politician. Had a wife on the board of Anthem, WellPoint. She was getting two to three million dollars a year.

    So if somebody hates Bernie Sanders this much. I’d say they were in collusion with the local medical insurance company that is insuring your people.

  20. His mastery of the human language and ability to back up his argument with solid points, suggests that he would be better served backing and promoting Donald Trump.

  21. There are A LOT of rocks to… um, have relations with in Kane County, too, and just look at all the hearts Vince got on his feed from his loyal band of followers! And Vince Olson is not the only person in politics with a low setting on his filter.

    Plus, and this is legitimate, Vince (@SteelToeTruth on Twitter) says, “Bridges Destroyed, BarRooms Cleared, Protector of Women, Children and Dogs, No Time for Excuses, Believes in Critical Thinking and Flawless Logic.”

    A Southern Utah individualist with George Hayduke leanings in a part of the state where welfare ranchers similar to the Bundys are the norm could ONLY be a Democrat, after all.

  22. Any one person can be for or against any one, a few or all candidates. But taking a position as head of a group from which all candidates must be drawn and pledge to participate for the good of the requires evenhandedness. Venom against a particular candidate is disqualifying for Mr. Olson since he has made his bigotry in the candidate field known repeatedly. No apology or promise can be trusted now. Just as you would a manager on a project who personally denigrated the client repeatedly, which is what this is, you fire them. Time.

  23. This is from a year ago and he does not deserve to be slammed for a comment made prior to him holding office. I am a Bernie supporter but I spoke with my Utah representative directly and he is not the only one to regret public statements prior to holding office. Bernie would support the truth being spoken so there it is.

  24. I guess Vote Blue No Matter Who only applies to candidates that he approves of. What he’s doing is truly a sin – according to the Democratic Party rules.

  25. Vince Olson is symptom of what is wrong with the Democratic Party. Last night Bernie was harassed about some people that support him on the internet being aggressive to other candidates. Here one of the DNC chairman uses vulgar words repeatedly with no seeming chastisement from the Party. I am sorry but is a double standard for sure. From his picture above – he seems to be a really angry – ugly man. What has he done for anyone? Bernie is one of the only honorable politicians besides Jimmy Carter that I know of.

  26. Disgusting. Kane seems more Republican than anything else! He should not only lose his job, he should have lost it sometime ago! This is reprehensible!

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